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10 Time Management Strategies For College Students

Time Management Strategies For College Students

Every day you deal with time. Time slips away everyday. You get to the end of the day, you wonder where all the time went. Part of life is learning how to manage the amount of time you’re given each day. It really is a management process. it’s time to learn the 10 Time Management Strategies For College Students that can literally help you with your time management to lower your stress.

1. Make time to think:

Notice I didn’t say find time to think. No, you’ve got to make it a party. You’ve got to know what do I want to get out of this life, where am I going, what is my purpose, what do I stand for. So many people go through life like zombies. They’re not even thinking that they’re sleepwalking through life and they haven’t thought about what they want to get out of it.

Now, where to find time and when to find time to think? For me, it is the early mornings. Wake up at 5:00 AM.

I can actually go on and do things which are about self-development. I can go to the gym and exercise and not feel guilty, but that time for me is to dedicate to my self-development for me to think about where I’m going in life is so important.

2. Understand you cannot have it all:

You can’t do everything. And whoever told you that, I’m sorry they– they were lying to you. They’re – I mean because there’s just no way to do everything.

So, if you know you cannot do everything, then take the path of the essentialist and actually just spend a little bit more time looking at the landscape. Look at what else is out there and then decide what you really want.

What is it you really want to go after in your life that’s going to make you happy and then go deep?

Understand that most things in life are noise. If you are getting too many people wanting to take your time, make your default answer no. It’s very; very rare that something is, oh, yeah, I want to jump on this. And when it is, I am able to go do it with enthusiasm because I freed myself up by saying no to most things.

3. Identify what’s important to you and be honest with yourself:

let me be straight here. Most of you are lying to yourselves about what’s important. Don’t believe me? Okay.

What do you not have time for? I don’t have time to play with my kids,  to have coffee with my wife in the morning or to spend with my friends. Say it’s not important. It’s not something that is a priority for me. And if not playing with your kids aren’t priority, well, let’s be honest with yourself or ask yourself the hard questions, why aren’t they more important? Yeah, you’re spending all that time at work.

You’re spending all that time on may be a hobby. I don’t know what the real problem here is, but let’s face the truth which is that you’re not spending time on what’s important in your life. And, if you’re spending a lot of time at work, you may have to actually say, hey, I need to cut back my hours and that takes a lot of courage.

But, what are you working for? Aren’t you working to spend and have a quality relationship with that person in your life? With those around you that depend on you? Guys think about what’s truly important in your life and be honest to what it is.

4. Cut out the fat.

There were so much non-essential things in our life. Go to and do an audit of how you spend your time. Actually, track your time. Yes, measure your time and you’re going to be amazed at how much time you are wasting, I don’t know, maybe playing video games. But may be video games are important. Now, I’m not – I don’t want to hit on that.

Maybe you’re spending, again, two hours commuting and you need to find a job that may be pays a little bit less, but is actually right around the corner and is going to allow you to spend more time with those that are important, but identify and measure your time so that you can identify those areas that are just sucking your life away.

5. Have a routine.

Have a morning , evening and a day routine. Have a set of systems that you follow.

When you measure when you have a process you can improve upon that system and process. But if you have no routine if you just do things haphazardly, you can’t improve them.

And this is key if you want to figure out,okay, how can I sleep better? I wake up every morning and I’m groggy,I don’t feel great.

Well, may be you need to adjust your routine in the evening, so you’re spending less time on social media.

Because, again, if you have no routine here,then you can’t actually measure what’s happening, you can’t see ways to improve it.

6. Get started

Guys, just like many of you I am a procrastinator. You’ve got to find something that’s going to motivate you to take action. Sometimes setting an artificial deadline,that’s going to work.

Guys, a Pomodoro Technique, if you haven’t heard of this, this is basically when you use a timer. You set it may be to like twenty five minutes.

You work intensely for twenty five minutes. The timer goes off, you can take a break. I find this kitchen timer, cost $5. It works pretty well. But, guys, you can set your phone, you can find something that, again, gets you started on what you want to do.

7. An accountability partner

I find that someone holding you accountable to what you say you’re going to do is incredibly powerful, much more powerful than any other app out there and, it can be something like a phone call.

For me, I’ve got a gentleman, a trainer who meets me at the gym every morning and he is there whether – and I paid him in advance. I will lose my money if I don’t show up. He will call me if I don’t show up.

I don’t want to let him down.

I don’t want to waste my money. And so, I go to the gym.

Guys, find a way for someone to hold you accountable. There are masterminds that you can put together in which other people who are may be peers they can hold you accountable to things that you say you’re going to do.

And when you put it out there for everyone to see, you’d be surprised to how much action you’re going to take.

8. Schedule everything both your personal and professional events.

For me, I found that I was always showing up to the meetings that I had scheduled, but what’s funny is I was missing dinner.

I was showing up late to things I promised my wife I would be at. So, getting back to one of my earlier points, obviously, I wasn’t making her important in my life and so, I said you know what? I need to schedule dinner, I need to schedule bedtime, I need to schedule these things.

Do I always follow them? No.

But, they’re in my calendar, I get that reminder. I see these notifications, I’m like, okay,I need to – I need to stay on track. But, again, when it’s in my scheduler, I find it gets done.

9. Ditch a lot of your bad time timing estimates.

What I mean is when you think it takes you twenty five minutes to get to work, understand that oftentimes that is your best case scenario and normally though it takes you thirty minutes, it takes you thirty five minutes, forty minutes if you hit a little bit of traffic and that’s when the problem happens because you start showing up late when you run into traffic.

Oh, it’s not my fault.

Well, here’s the deal is that you’ve got your timing messed up and we do this all, as human beings, we go for the best time estimates.

So, you need to say, okay, does it really take me five minutes to get ready? No, it really takes me twenty five minutes.

Just be honest with those time estimates and get rid of those false estimates that oftentimes just stick in our head.

10 Use of deadlines especially artificial deadlines

Now, the next time management strategies for college students, I alluded to earlier but I want to go into a lot more detail and that is the use of deadlines especially artificial deadlines because most things in life they really don’t have a deadline,we could get them done here or there and so we dilly dally we procrastinate we don’t get it done.

And oftentimes in life we need deadlines So, I know for me if I got a meeting with somebody, I always set a deadline.

You know they’re coming in to meet with me, we’ve got a twenty-minute, it fits right there in twenty minutes.

We’re able to get what is needed to be done in twenty minutes. If we need longer and really do need longer,I’ll extend it, but for most times you can talk about what needs to be talked about in that twenty-minute.

Now, when you’re talking with someone and you’re starting to engage with them and you don’t have much time, set the expectation,set a deadline.

So, the next time management tip is a bonus.

It is especially useful if you’re a sought after expert in your industry or you’re a popular guy, a lot of people are trying to reach out to you.

Guys, set up barriers.

So, find a way to become hard to reach because most people are going to be distracted by a barrier.

They’re going to say, oh, it’s not wort hit, my contact form at Real Men Real Style.

I’m actually pretty proud of this, I ask people first up did you actually search Google for ten minutes to try to answer that question you’re about to submit to me because for me if you are actually going to – go out there and look for the answer yourself, why are you going to waste my time if you don’t want to spend a little bit of time yourself.

So, by setting up these barriers, you can protect your time and you can better manage it.

All right, guys, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments.

What did you find useful? What time management tip am I missing? Let me know down in the comments.

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