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20 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You More Than a Friend But is Hiding it

Undeniable Signs That He Likes

Women have a more attuned sensor to feel what others feel. However, it is worth noting that not all women have such capabilities especially if they get the mixed feeling with the guy they are interested in. However, it is essential to know that there are at least 20 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You.

Therefore, you should not have to worry about expressing the feelings that you have. He probably won’t say anything, but he falls for you. Here are the signs.

#1 – Always smile Well: It is difficult to know if he likes you because of his smile. However, you should notice that when he looks at you even though he is so busy with his work.

#2 – Always listening: You can tell if someone heard through his eyes. Additionally, you also can check it by listening to his response. If his response makes sense or even helpful, there is a considerable chance that he listens. Someone who likes you always listening to you because you are valuable to them.

#3 – Always remembering: In addition to listening to your stories, man who loves you also remembers stories you tell. He remembers it all because, he likes it, and it is meaningful for him.
Even though it is difficult to memorize everything, he tries his best.

#4 – Your opinion matters: Even though you are not certified adviser, the man who loves you will always appreciate your suggestion. He also tells you that he has followed your suggestion and show the result. Typically, it results in something positive.

#5 – He wants to know your life: Someone who loves you wants to know more about you. It is mainly for understanding and taking care of you better. Though he won’t say anything, he wants to know you and make you happy.

#6 – Your happiness is his happiness: If you are so glad, he is also pleased for you. He will be there to congratulate you first, and he will make sure you smile like that every day.

#7 – Your sadness is also his sadness: Unfortunately, things cannot be flawless. There are difficult times when you are down, and it makes him sad too. However, he won’t say anything rather than giving you big support that you need.

#8 – Trying to make you laugh: He is trying hard to make you laugh with his jokes even though most of them are not on point. However, you can see the effort, and laugh anyway.

#9 – Taking his valuable time to meet you: You are part of his essential life, and he wants to make sure he spares his time to put you into his life. That is why he always tries to meet you even though he has a very tight schedule. 

#10 – Staying with you for quite a long time: He likes to spend valuable time with you, and he usually arranges the best time to make that happens. He even takes his day off to match with your schedule so both of you can do something enjoyable together. 

#11 – He treats you better: Though he never says anything about loving you, he always manages you like he is your best friend. However, it just feels so much better than that as far as you can handle.

#12 – No another girl: Typically, a man talks about other girls, and that is because he likes those girls. However, someone who’s interested in you won’t talk about anyone else but you. It is the proven sign that he puts you in priority mode.

#13 – You are the first to be contacted: No matter how the situation is, he only wants to call you first. The reason is that he considers yourself as someone who can be trusted. He also believes that you can handle the news as well.

#14 – Using “we”: You are basically the part of him, and he always includes that when he is asked about himself and you.

#15 – Involving you in a plan: When he plans something, he still wants to include you in his plans. No matter how weird the plan is, he always wants you to be included in his plan because this world misses its important part without you.

#16 – Alluring you: He always teases you, and you usually don’t recognize it. He seems distant, but he is always close.

#17 – He talks a lot: Though he is usually quiet, he becomes quite an active talker when he is in front of you. It is possible because you give her energy.

#18 – Noting your particular date: Every particular date that you have such as birthday, the time you graduated, and others will be kept in special memory of his own. He will make sure he gives you surprise at the correct time.

#19 – You will never annoy him: The reason is that he is always ready to help you no matter how the condition is. Though he hasn’t said anything yet, he already considers you as his partner.

#20 – He won’t be mad: Someone who truly loves you will not be mad at you. He understands that there is something wrong that makes you mad, and he tries to fix it right away. Well, that’s some signs to know that he loves you secretly, even when he won’t say anything to you

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