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10 Time Management Strategies For College Students

Every day you deal with time. Time slips away everyday. You get to the end of the day, you wonder where all the time went. Part of life is learning how to manage the amount of time you’re given each day. It really is a management process. it’s time to learn the 10 Time Management Strategies For College Students that can literally help you with your time management to lower your stress. 1. Make time to think: Notice I didn’t say find time to think. No, you’ve got to make it a party. You’ve got to know what do I…

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How can i control my anger and emotions

Anger is natural expression of human being and it is inevitable that people get mad sometimes. People often let their anger to raise and explode it for comfortable feeling then. But it is not good to do actually for mental good. It is important to have self-control against anger in your soul. So, it will not control your mind as you may take some disadvantages from that. However, it is worth noting that strong people are actually those who can control their anger. Here is how to do that. #1 – Stop and sit Even if you are in rage,…

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How can goal setting help achieve success?

How can goal setting help achieve success

Energy flows where your focus goes. And what better way to call focus to something, than by setting some intentional goals around it? Now the specifics will be up to you, and your individual situation, but we are here to give you the jump start that you need. Come and this is Initiative Muscle Monday — helping you to start each week with an intentional step toward a successful future. Let’s do this!Now a few important tips regarding goal-setting before we dive into the examples. Make your goals measurable. Quantify them and give them a target date. I will show…

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Why are teens so moody and irritable all the time

Being a teenager means a wonderful time of exploring, learning, and building friendships, but also it is the time of rapid changes, ups and downs when things are difficult, so what gets into our minds and bodies that makes us feel this way? Why is it difficult to be a teenager? They have always told us that the most important years of mind development are between 0-5 years Although recent studies have shown that adolescence is just as important. During childhood, our minds continue to grow, and continue to produce gray matter until it reaches maximum Measurement, as girls reach…

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