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Cracking the 7 Signs of Possessive Men At Your Side

Signs of Possessive Men

Take these recommendations into account and keep negative people out of your life. Do not let anyone manipulate you! Jealousy, insecurity, and manipulation characteristics of a possessive man. Engaging in an unhealthy relationship like this the only thing that can generate is to hurt you. So that nothing happens to you, take these signals into account and identify if you have a possessive man at your side.

1. Humiliates you.

If he is very possessive, he will humiliate you when you do something independently, and he will make you feel that you can not do anything without his support.

2.  Does not want you to go out with your friends.

Did you hear him say that your friends are not a good influence for you? If you listen to him and let him tell you who to go out with or not, he will have complete control over you. Possessive men want to have control of their partner all the time, and that is why they try to isolate you from the rest of the world.

3. He wants to know everything about your life.

If your boyfriend needs to know where you go every time you leave home or call several times a day to be sure where you are and what you are doing, it is because he is an insecure man and that is a bad sign. A manipulative man always asks for explanations and is always asking questions. Doubts all the time.

4. Control your life.

Likewise, if he starts telling you what time you have to be at home when to go out, what to wear or what to eat, then he tries to take control of your life and is possessive. Will try to make the decisions for you.

5. Threatens to harm himself.

If your boyfriend starts crying and even talks about suicide every time you do something he does not like, he is a manipulator. A possessive man tends to play the victim and is unable to tolerate any criticism.

6. Is he too jealous? A healthy relationship is based on trust. While jealousy may seem cute at first, it can not always be present. Jealousy in excess is harmful to a relationship.

7. He does not want you to have fun without him.

If you go out with your friends, he will become embittered and blame you all the time.

10 Ways to Overcoming Jealousy And Possessiveness

Negative people are everywhere, and they are complicated to notice. When they enter your life, it is also difficult to push them away. That’s why preventing them from coming into your life from the beginning is highly advised. I’m going to share with you some useful Ways to Prevent Negative People from Taking Over Your Thoughts.

There are at least ten ways to prevent that kind of people to take over yourself.

#1 – Protect your time, First of all, you should remember that the most valuable thing that you have is your time. you should not spend your time on negative people because the longer you give the time, the more your energy drained. Your thoughts also can be altered the longer you are exposed to them thus, it is highly recommended to stay away from them.

#2 – Be Negative, positive people want to share their negativity you and they intentionally do that because of hatred, jealousy, and evil intention. Before they can share the energy, you need to teach yourself that you are strong enough to face everything. You also need to do self-affirmation that you will be positive throughout the day.

#3 – Refocusing your thoughts Negative people do everything to make you regret and feel down, they try to change your positive thought into something negative. If you don’t want to be affected by the receiving intention, you should focus your thought that everything you do is for your betterment.

#4 – Be Negative productive people usually will give undermining statement, making you stop and think. The primary goal is to make you stop doing what you are supposed to do. Do the reverse to prevent their intention.

#5 – Find positive people Instead of being trapped with negative people, you should start looking for positive people instead. Tell those negative people that you have a meeting with someone who has more positive energy in a poetic way.

#6 – Pay attention to yourself Sometimes, you are convinced to think about negative thoughts that they tell you, it is unfortunate because it feels miserable later, if someone tells something negative about yourself, you should focus on yourself. Focus on whether it is entirely accurate or it is just wild assumption that this person wants you to believe. If it is later, you should tell yourself that you are worthy than anything else. If it is the former, you need to reflect because it is also for your betterment.

#7 – Withdrawing from those negative people It is not easy to escape from the grasp of negative people. One thing you can do is stop contacting them, additionally, you also can stop replying their messages or answering their questions. If you think it is rude, you should try avoiding the conversation altogether by not triggering them.

#8 – Be kind to others Being kind to other people help you to get a positive energy transfer from people you’ve improved. They are feeling grateful, and you also receive a great feeling of happiness from that process.

#9 – Sharpen your instinct As your experience grows, you know which one gives more positive or negative energy to you, you should make sure you are living with positive people as opposed to the negative one.

#10 – Remember your self-esteem You have pride from things you do, that’s why you just cannot be overwhelmed or stopped by people who pretend to know everything about you. 

Well, those are the ten ways to prevent negative people from taking over your thoughts.

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