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How can a college student avoid procrastination and laziness

How can a college student avoid procrastination and laziness

A common misconception about procrastination is that procrastination is due to inadequate time-management skills.

However, we often procrastinate to avoid something because it’s challenging, it’s boring, we want it to be perfect, or it’s become a habit.

Before we can attempt to avoid procrastination, you need to accept that you have a habit of putting things off and understand why that is.

Once you have come to these conclusions, follow these seven tips to avoid procrastination.

So How can a college student avoid procrastination and laziness without getting the edge of your usual routine? Here are 7 simple ways:

1. Set priorities

“she’s indecisive she can’t decide” from Sean Kingston’s song Eenie Meenie ft Justin Bieber.

Everyone can work and have fun at the same time.

It’s just a settle of priorities you need to choose from.

Start your priorities to the most important tasks at school or work to the least.

The most important task should be a bunch of school assignments or reviews, or monthly reports and meetings for corporate companies.

This will allow you to lessen your ease of work after, cause the lease can be done in just a few time.

Visualise the process of quality on each task, not for the sake of getting it done.

Also, cut yourself from distractions while on the process.

The best way is to keep away to the internet! Shut off your phone for a second.

2. Have Yourself A To-Do List.

May sound a little elementary, but it’s really helpful.

(tried and tested here!).

Buy yourself a to do calendar or notebook sheets.

Enumerate your assignments within each day, and start with step 1 – – set your priorities.

Among all the tasks, do what is the most important.

Once done, a useful tip is to highlight your task with a highlighter, meaning that it’s done.

Then the rest comes easy! It’s very important to finish your deadlines ahead of time so you could revise / improve in the middle of the process.

3. Keep Yourself Busy.

Drink! Calm on, I know it’s going to be the start of a busy day.

But that’s going to be fine because it’s actually healthy for your brain cells! Receiving information from different sectors allows the capacity of your logic and performance to widen.

Staying busy according to Dailymail, helps us live longer, keeps us strong, foster’s Sparky brains and keeps insomnia away.

The busy brain allows us to sleep better, bringing more reasons to get up in the morning.

Now that’s so applicable to motivational Monday’s for busy people.

Switch off your phone.

Not a good time for social media.

Face the world, face reality.

What’s in there and what can you contribute to your school/work? Make change while time is moving.

4. Deliver

Time Management Meetings are a must. But personal events matter too.

No matter how busy you are with work or school, please make time to be human on your to-do calendar.

Mark a day or time when you can spend time with your family, friends or loved ones after a whole day of work/school.

Set a time table from start to finish.

Meetings in the morning? Check.

Projects after lunch? Check.

Reports done? Check.

Then when you go time out, another Check with having a dinner reunion with your favorite buddies! Isn’t work and social life balance so cool.

5. Think Like A Boss.

Do you ever think the president of the country would procrastinate over a nationwide issue? OR a CEO who handles the future of his business? Procrastination is out of their dictionary.

Try to put your shoe on their situation as being the boss, the VIP.

Research on how they think like a boss and handle professionalism at any case scenario, whether good or bad.

Create real-life situations on how your performance that would output the result.

It’s okay to over exceed the results but don’t be too perfectionist.

Strive more on completion.

Be prepared to manage your expectations constructively.

We cannot have a good PR all the time.

But we have good solutions, like a real boss.

It takes a lot of training and experience to get there, but it will be worth it.

To you.

Life is a school learn, forgive, be kind grow and help each other.

That is a real boss

6. Cut Photos of Your Motivation

Just in addition to number 5, as much as I want to print out a photo of my favorite motivational speaker, I did.

It gives you inspiration on how to move and make a change to the world.

Someday, you could be like them too.

Dream high like your the next

7. Reward Yourself

The key to language is communication.

Proper and Precise, one must have direct understanding to another in order to agree on an agenda and work together.

This marks your priority done, check on the list, done being busy, manage time, boss thinker and the later.

I sense a bunch of rewards.

You deserve a self-treat cause you made it to the finals of no-to-procrastination go ahead and spend a night out at the mall shopping, booking a body massage, buying your comfort food, availing that sale clothes, or anything that.

Would give you a treat.

“time is gold” Very popular and overheard it is true! The truth will set you free.

Sit, back, relax and do your thing! Just avoid the habit of delays because the early bird catches the first egg they say! The end of the day, you’ll be proud to say you did something very productive you.

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