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How can goal setting help achieve success

How can goal setting help achieve success?

How can goal setting help achieve success

Energy flows where your focus goes.

And what better way to call focus to something, than by setting some intentional goals around it?

Now the specifics will be up to you, and your individual situation, but we are here to give you the jump start that you need.

Come and this is Initiative Muscle Monday — helping you to start each week with an intentional step toward a successful future.

Let’s do this!Now a few important tips regarding goal-setting before we dive into the examples.

Make your goals measurable.

Quantify them and give them a target date.

I will show you what I mean by this when we get into some of the examples.

Write down your goals.

I know this sounds pretty basic, but getting things out of your head and onto paper is proven to increase your chances of reaching your goal.

Just take one of your college lectures as an example.

writing down notes in class, or transcribing them from your textbook, makes it a lot more likely for you to recall that information than if you just listen to it without writing anything down.

There are numerous studies on the positive impact of writing downpour goals (just google it).

So why question it? Just do it and give yourself running start.

Share your goals with people that you trust for accountability.

If writing your goals down gives you a running start, then sharing them helps you get across the finish line.

Because you’re only human, and you are going to hit some challenges along the way that distract you from your goals.

But bringing someone that you trust into the loop to help hold you accountable, that’s going to help fire you back up the next time that you slow down and lose focus of the finish line.

Now for some examples.

Here are some goals that you might set for yourself when you’re focused on increasing your chances of landing the internship.

May be you know that you need to get an internship but you have no idea what type of internship you are even interested in.

A good goal for you to set would be around exploring potential internship opportunities.

Learn more and then narrow it down from there.

An example of measurable goal could be: Attend three networking events by the end of fall semester in order to learn more about new internship opportunities.

The goal is immeasurable because you are giving yourself a specific number of events to attend and a target date to complete it by (the end of your fall semester).

Now that you have the goal written out you can actually start searching for specific networking opportunities between now and your goal completion date.

Is there a career fair that you can attend? Perhaps a student and alumni mixer that’s put on by your department? You know that you need to find three events to attend in order to hit your goal, so just start researching and registering for them and then get them on your calendar so that you make sure that they all happen.

Let’s say that you already know what type of internship you want to apply for.

Your biggest focus at this point is just getting your applications submitted.

A great goal for you could be: Apply for seven internships by March 1st.

Again the goal is measurable because you have a specific number of internship applications to complete(seven) and a target date to complete it by (March 1st).

So with your goal written down you can now do your research to find seven internships in your area of interest that have open applications between now and March 1st.

And then you’re going to add all of those application due dates to your calendar so that you don’t miss one by accident, and start working backwards to plan out when you’re gonna get these applications done.

And then there are those times that you just get in your own way and keep making up excuses about why an internship is not a good idea for you this year.

These limiting beliefs hold you back, and they keep you from pursuing internships altogether.

Maybe you’re concerned because the internship that you really want is unpaid and you don’t have enough money to support your cost of living through an unpaid internship.

Well, I say instead of just worrying about it, do something about it.

A potential goal to set could be: Save an extra $200 per month for the next six months to cover cost of living expenses during an unpaid internship.

You may be wondering “where’s that extra $200 gonna come from?” If you know that it’s a priority, and you set it as a goal, you now can find a way to achieve it.

Get a part-time job for the next six months, or use a skill that you have to do some freelance work, or maybe just look at ways that you can cutback on your spending for a bit.

So instead of buying textbooks for every class, determine which ones you’re not going to need that much and just go to the library for those.

Or may be you can cut back on lattes and beer a bit.

Giving yourself a specific savings target is going to help you look for ways that you can save, and before you know it you’re going to be in a position to help support yourself through that unpaid internship.

Just remember, energy flows where your focus goes.

So I really hope that helps you make it through the hectic seasons of life without completely throwing in the towel and still being able to stay on track. Good Luck!

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