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How to get rid of bad habits

5 Ways on How to get rid of bad habits that affect Your health and beauty


In addition to maintaining good hygiene, rest is also essential for our health skin, as this is necessary for the cells to regenerate.

To keep the skin young and healthy, it is so essential to take a complete embellishment routine that, in addition to cosmetics, includes healthy lifestyle habits.

Although the use of creams and lotions helps to reverse the damage caused by external agents, it is essential to care for other practices that, in one way or another, affect their condition.

In connection with this, we must also take into account certain habits of which the practice cause deterioration, loss of moisture and other changes that are badly seen on the aesthetic level.

These are usually not considered responsible for imperfections and, when ignored, potential causes of premature aging.

Given that many are not identified yet, then we want to detail the 5 most common.

1. Sleeping badly

Sleeping badly

Does your skin look dull? Do you have bags and bags? Watch out! It is likely that the the appearance of these signs indicates that you are sleeping badly.

If you do not manage to sleep in the last days, you have interruptions during your rest period or, simply, if you have reduced your sleep hours, it would be convenient that you take measures in this respect.

This situation must be checked when it occurs earlier, because it affects the skin, it can also affect other health problems.

Suggestion: Organize your sleep planning and try to meet each other for 7 or 8 hours a day, without interruptions.

Avoid using electronics or distractors prior to bedtime

Check that your resting place is comfortable and appropriate.

Avoid overly heavy dinners and treat insomnia with natural drinks.

2. Wear a bad diet

Bad Diet

As with the other organs of our body, the skin requires high quality nutrients to stay healthy and protected.

Meals that are delicious but contain no nutrients sooner or later affect the appearance of imperfections such as stains, wrinkles and acne.

A healthy diet, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, helps to preserve the dermis smooth, young and free of problems.

Suggestions: Stay away from excessive consumption of refined sugars, carbohydrates, and fats.

Increase the intake of raw vegetables and fruit.

Make sure you consume protein sources, essential fatty acids and fibers.

3. Sleep makeup

Sleep makeup

It is not a myth! Going to sleep with your imagined face is one of the worst habits the health of the skin.

The chemical remains of cosmetics, in addition to dust and bacteria that accumulate on the surface, clogging pores and leading to the appearance of imperfections.

During the night the skin increases the absorption capacity and, because it is not clean, reduces it the level of oxygenation.

As a result, acne cases increase and the aging process accelerates.

Suggestions: Clean your face every day and make sure you remove the makeup in its entirety.

Rinse the skin with warm water and neutral soap.

If you do not have a make-up remover on hand, use essential oils.

4. Be exposed to the sun

Exposed to sun

Moderate exposure to the sun gives us vitamin D and facilitates sunbathing.

However, do it for a long time, especially at inappropriate times, can have counterproductive effects.

The UV rays of the sun are very aggressive to the dermis and, in addition it cause burns, lead to the appearance of spots, wrinkles and skin conditions.

It is also essential to know too much sun can cause skin cancer.

Suggestions: Choose to get vitamin D through food or supplements. Use good quality when exposed to the sun sunscreen.

Choose to tan your skin with creams and the like Products.

5. Tighten the granules

Tighten the Granuels

Tightening the grains is pleasant and can seem the easiest way to eliminate them.

This seemingly innocent act is actually a serious mistake.

In addition, there is a great chance that the pore will become infected or inflamed ; In addition, scarring or markings remain for most of the time.

Suggestions: If you have too many pimples on the skin, consult the dermatologist to find out cause and the most suitable treatment.

Choose to combat granite with natural remedies or mild dermatological solutions.

Keep in mind that these do not immediately disappear and you have to treat them continuously until you control them.

Do you practice one of these habits? That you know how harmful they can be to your skin, Try to fully avoid them and take the necessary measures so that they do not generate problems.

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