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How to make him worry about losing you

How to make him worry about losing you

10 Smart Ways to Make Him Worry about Losing You You need to be a smart girl who can play around with someone’s feeling.

It is essential because you need to strive for the love you want.

Otherwise, you are hurting yourself for not getting the love that you deserve.

It is just completely useless to rely on your boyfriend because feeling can change throughout the time.

However, there are 10 smart ways that you can implement to keep him desperate to love you.

Here is how to make him worry about losing you.

#1Be confident You should remember that he put interest in you because you have an individual character, trait, attitude, and value that catch his eyes.

Though may not be doing things that you do like it was, you should keep believing that you still have the same capability and shared values.

That way, your man will keep staying by your side because you don’t change.

#2Don’t be too eager You should look like a person who’s so desperate to drink in a desert.

Hold on to yourself before reacting on things your man does.

That includes replying casual chats which happen very often to the woman who desperately needs the man.

Man can see it, and it does not challenge him to do something better to keep you by his side.

Play around with him a little.

#3Spend time with friends Having friends with your side is an excellent sign for a man to keep you.

It visualizes that you are a friendly person who has a lot of friends.

You also can check whether he is jealous or not especially if you play with a male friend.

#4Stop spending time with him It may sound counter-intuitive, but it works like a charm.

It does not make your man hate you.

In fact, it makes him miss you because of not spending time for quite a while.

Be sure to hold yourself to meet this guy that you love since it also tests him whether he will stay with you or not.

Typically, a good man will do the former.

#5Don’t do things for him Somehow, you like to help him to do the housework such as cleaning, cooking, and many other things.

However, this is not a good thing to do in the long run because he will treat you like his sister, mother, or worse his maid.

#6 Be distant You don’t want to lose him, but the best way to keep him close is by being distant.

It is possible because it makes your body struggle more to close the distance.

It somehow attracts your man, and it is an effective way to make your relationship closer.

#7Taking a break This one is hugely a risky tactic, and it is usually performed when your relationship with him does not make any significant progress.

However, it is worth mentioning that taking a break in a relationship can be fruitful if both of you still love each other.

The meeting after being separated is uncontrolled.

#8Let him know you have standards This tactic should only be used with extreme caution.

The reason is that you demand something in a relationship that will never be achieved.

You need to understand that people can not change on a matter of days or months.

It takes a great effort from themselves to change the character entirely.

That is why you cannot expect your partner to follow or accommodate your standard.

#9Be consistent You should remember things you said, and you should be consistent about it.

The woman is usually easy to be drifted around here and there.

Be sure to take notes after a ridiculous talk with your boy so that you can remember later.

#10Look your best It is essential to look awesome no matter what the condition is.

This makes yourself irresistible, thus making you lovable all the time.

It is also worth noting that men are visual creatures, and you should make sure you look good and sexy in front of them.

Well, that’s some of the smart ways to continually make him worry about losing you.


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