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Why are teens so moody and irritable all the time

Why are teens so moody and irritable all the time

Being a teenager means a wonderful time of exploring, learning, and building friendships, but also it is the time of rapid changes, ups and downs when things are difficult, so what gets into our minds and bodies that makes us feel this way? Why is it difficult to be a teenager? They have always told us that the most important years of mind development are between 0-5 years Although recent studies have shown that adolescence is just as important.

During childhood, our minds continue to grow, and continue to produce gray matter until it reaches maximum Measurement, as girls reach 12 years of age and males at the age of 14 years The brain works more efficiently by eliminating the gray matter that has not been used And at the same time produce Myelin fatty tissue that isolates brain pathways the puberty phase begins from the hypothalamus (one of the parts of the brain’s core), where the globular hormone is produced, stimulating The pituitary gland releases the hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones Activates the ovaries and testes, but also causes emotionally rich experiences Whether it made you yawn or drive 180 km / h on the highway Your response to emotionally charged images or sounds will make you tougher Listening to  One Direction band may give rise to emotional shifts.

The area responsible for advance planning and risk assessment is still immature in adolescents this is why teenagers engage in risky behaviors Such as illicit relationships, drinking, and driving.

Surprising that in the simulation driving experience, The adults and teenagers took the same recklessness when they were alone; but when they were surrounded With fans or friends, adolescents took higher risks while adults were not affected.

What is the purpose of this action? Acceptance of peers.

In a study where adolescents were asked to classify music, their choice was influenced by their knowledge or ignorance of what their peers chose.

Unlike children and adults, you feel like a teenager Socially isolated creates a strong sense of this vanity with our vitality Adolescents may make their friends a priority on their families.

As social reasons, getting out of the family safety creates a society that is genetically disorganized, downplayed Proportion of marriage.

In fact, adolescents have social capabilities And a better separation of facial expressions compared to all other ages, making adolescents The greatest realization of the joy of friends, grief, pressure.

In talking about stress, the hormone that is produced at the time of pressure to help relieve Stress on brain cells in children and adults has an adverse effect on adolescents Causing an increase in tension.

Coupled with a change in the rhythmic rhythms of the clock that make their bodice stay flat for another 3-4 hours, I was surprised that some people describe teenagers with moody people On the other hand, adolescents are considered to be very healthy physically.

The immune system is very effective Adolescents have high adaptation to temperature changes and greater cancer immunity.

But Regardless of physical fitness, records show a 200 to 300% increase in mortality rates after childhood Due to car accidents, homicides, and suicide.

Scientists believe that the many changes in white matter, gray, and brain connections are blamed Which may raise the risk of mistakes during adolescence.

But with large numbers of network connections, high flexibility, the brain of the teenager Come to learn faster and remember content quickly.

Unlike the old-fashioned brains of his school Adolescents can respond faster to their environment and leapfrog steps in communication and social integration.

Not to mention being passionate, it gives valuable value.

Taking risks sometimes is required to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Being a teenager may be difficult, but it can be amazing.

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